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Escape Fire QualifiedWe run an "ESCAPE FIRE ACADEMY." We come to distant communities and put on a training program geared to educate local fire departments and homeowners who live in wildland fuels and show them how to eliminate the loss of all homes built in fuels.

It costs $2,000.00 plus expenses to get there and hold a day of classwork and a day or two of actually having the students and firefighters do "Escape Fires."

When we leave, homeowners who participate will be entirely able to ensure their home will never burn down from a wildfire. We create fire-adapted species of both firefighters and interface dwellers.

We put on live fire programs to train interface dwellers and fire people to position critical sites to be ever ready to burn out all light fuels inside a prepared cauldron. In two days, our students become confident and experienced users of fire as a tool to control events that are beyond all possible suppression efforts.

We offer classes here in Nehalem, Oregon, or we come to your area. We work with your local rural fire department and your neighbors to "FIRE PROOF" and parry all intentional or natural wildfires. This is a calculated and dependable procedure to eliminate danger and loss from extreme wildfires.

This program, through training and positioning, changes the culture of wildfire. It begins the extraordinary chore of making the society "FIRE ADAPTED" & "FIRE TOLERANT" !!

REMEMBER: THE ROLE OF FIRE IS TO TAKE OUT ALL SPECIES THAT ARE NOT FIRE ADAPTED OR FIRE TOLERANT. This includes people, structures, fire fighters and insurance companies. It is possible to set up all critical sites so that if and when they are to be burned over, they are instantly, dependably and consistently set and ready to be converted into "SAFETY HARBOR AREAS" where interface dwellers and fire fighters can count on finding refuge and successfully parry any extreme wildfire that cannot be suppressed. This is a NATIONAL DEFENSE MATTER and not a SUPPRESSION ISSUE!!

It is time to emerge beyond water squirting - to have an option that will work when the traditional suppression forces will fail. Evacuation and wasting money on huge complexes that simply follow the destruction until nature wanes is no way to deal with extreme events. Better to develop the skills to manipulate that power and make it pass without doing any harm . . . BEFORE DAMAGE IS DONE!

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