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Escape Fire training in SpainLike a wise general, this firefighter uses the GROUND. She prepared it so a battle is already won, before it ever begins. Victory is assured. More importantly, it is done easily. Troops do not have to endanger themselves or even fight hard to win.

Deadly heat, stored in tons of light fuel, is systematically released. It is done calmly, in a safe, measured, controlled manner. This is done immediately before the arrival of a dangerous, approaching wildfire (that cannot be stopped or suppressed.)

The prepared, universal blueprint, the training and know-how creates black space, devoid of fuel. You get the time and space. The approaching wildfire is denied the fuel load needed to destroy the home.

Leadership based on experience, not theory, can convert all interface dwellers into wise Generals who can and will confidently command their own Ground.

Becoming a trained and ready, fire-adapted species is the STRATEGIC GOAL for all interface dwellers and all fire suppression forces. Global warming and more disturbed land masses on our planet seem to be accelerating fast, dangerous fires.

Defensible space and gallant water squirting only works on the easy fires.

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