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Escape Fire training in Spain
The outside edges of the semi-circular ignition patterns start to gain half a head of a head, maybe 3 to 4 foot flame lengths. This photo shows rather vividly two edges of the Escape Fire just starting to gain and make their run. But...they run into the backing fire of the control line-up ahead and quiet down.

Hence, they never reach the full 8 foot flame lengths that they would naturally attain in an unmanaged field of light fuel in these same conditions of wind, relative humidity and fuel load.

All subsequent "ESCAPE FIRES" allowed a safe, systematic release of the heat. By ignition patterns being applied only a short distance, away from and against the circular control lines, in semi-circular patterns, no head fires were ever allowed to evolve in the fuel. None of these fragile, car-sized, vulnerable, paper structures were damaged. All survived.

The bottom line is: this procedure, when applied to much more fire-resistant structures, such as real homes in the fuels, can always be made to preside, no matter how strong the wildfire may be.

The simple facts are: the stronger the drought codes, the stronger the surface conditions, the better and faster this system works to parry an extreme wildfire.



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