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Quality wildfire hand tools.
Balanced, ergonomically superior to enhance safety, versatility
and production. First use on a fire pays for them. They are long lasting.

BLM Smokejumper Kit
BLM Smokejumper Kit $395
The set up for all temperate forests, Eastern or Western.

Federal Hot Shot Kit
Federal Hot Shot Kit - $395
Stainless steel Dragon Rhinehart Hoe Primary Tool - half the crew totes The Troop Tool while second half of crew carries a Magnum Pulaski.

Universal Wildfire Tool Kit
Universal Wildfire Tool Kit -- $495
Universal Wildfire Kit: $495, total weight 11 pounds. Good for all wildfire fuels anywhere on earth: Dragon Swatter, 3 lb. beating tool for all tough turf grasslands; Universal Handle, 1.5 lb.; Magnum Pulaski, 2.7 lbs. grub-hoe twice width of regular Pulaski, replaceable blade; Troop Tool, 3 lb. Better angled shovel, better Mcleod, because of curved blade. Folds flat for stowing.

Free accessories when you buy 5 BLM Smokejumper Kits

Elite Crew Kit
5 complete BLM Smokejumper kits or 5 complete Hot Shot Kits with extra handle, Dragon Swatter, Bonnie Hammer and the poly tough, orange, Dragon Case. 4 of these kits arm a 20 person crew. Includes a free, orange, Dragon Case to store, transport an entire crew's tools safely in helicopters, engines, buses, airplanes.
Includes 2 extra universal handles, a Bonnie Hammer, a Dragon Swatter. This is 20 pieces @ $150 = $3,000.00 Add another $150 for shipping, CC processing and handling, and you are close to $3,000.

To encourage arming crews with quality, effective tools. We offer this set for
$2100.00! Free shipping.

Green (refurbished) Tools & Costs
All individual tool components cost $150 each. It costs $50 for refurbishing a tool Handle with new handle. It costs $50 to refurbish our Pulaskis with new blades. We have some Hot Shot Crews now on their third set of blades. There are over four thousand of these tool sets out in the field. We get 20 to 30 handles back to be refurbished and about that many Pulaskis per year to be refurbished.

Fire managers have told us; they are money ahead by simply buying a set of these tools for each fire fighter. They give these tools to their fire fighters saying, "these are your tools. They belong to you; not the government. When you leave this job, take them with you." What they found was, an end to tool accountability problems.

No more disappearing tools. People take care of their own tools. Free, low cost government tools are not valued. They constantly disappear, and are used up, destroyed quickly. No matter what kind of fire season; each year the Government buys 80,000 Pulaskis. Cheap tools, not valued. They are perishable. They wear quickly. The entire tool gets thrown out even those with good handles. This is a waste of resources, and ends up being far less economical than our green tools.

Our tools are longer lasting. They can be re-bladed, re-handled, and last for a very long time, not just one campaign fire before being thrown out.

Once people use our tools they do not want to go back to single function, traditional tools. These new, improved tools are the future for professional wild land fire fighters. Temporary, pick up folks can be assigned traditional pulaskis and shovels.

Dragon Slayer Hand ToolsThe orange Dragon Case -- $150. A safe, tough, organized way to store and transport five to ten sets of tools in crew buses, helicopters, engines. Next down is the Dragon Swatter for tough turf grasslands where scraping tools cannot reach mineral soil easily. Then our stainless Hot Shot Dragon Hoe. When attached to the Universal Handle, it's over five feet long. Keeps the firefighter upright and comfortable. It is lightweight and has the balance/leverage to maximize energy of elite firefighters. Hot Shots can blast in enormous amounts and quality of hand line.

Next down is the Troop Tool. This is the closest thing to an all-around wildfire tool for temperate forests. It is a full-sized, angled shovel for digging and throwing dirt with a diagonal angle set. It also forms a better long-handled scraping tool with the 90 degree angle set. The curved blade slices through ground cover so much better than fixed, traditional scraping tools. When the shovel point hits the ground first, it makes the ideal mop-up device. It also makes a great safety staff for x-country travel on really bad ground. Because of its high-backed blade, it makes a better fire rake for deciduous forests. The curved blade allows the tool to ride over the duff and collect an enormous, ever-gathering swath of leaves. Balance is extraordinary!!

Coming forward are 24" and 38" Universal Handles. At the upper right is the Magnum Pulaski. This is an Aluminum-Cored Pulaski with a a balanced center of mass with a 5.5 inch grub-hoe blade. All blades are replaceable, making this a tool to last and carry an entire career. This is a secondary tool attachment. Next down is a Titanium-Cored Felling Ax. Bottom right front is a Titanium Cored Pulaski.

This tool system was designed so that each user uses one primary tool attachment with the Universal Handle and totes a secondary tool attachment to add versatility. All tool head attachments are right at 3 pounds. Aside form the obvious versatility, it enhances safety, greater production, far more durability and is simply more economical!!

See also www.wildfiretools.com


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